Bending Branches

Bending Branches

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Bending Branches’ Beavertail wood canoe paddle is efficient for deep water lake paddling with a classic long, narrow blade. The traditional symmetrical palm grip is strong and durable as well as beautiful. Blade has five laminates of basswood and red alder. If you’re taking short trips with your family or friends, fishing or shore exploring, a straight-shaft recreational paddle would be the right style of paddle for you. The old-fashioned Beavertail paddle. A wood laminate or one piece of wood, with a long rounded blade is a great choice. These narrow and longer bladed paddles pull extremely smooth through the water, and the length helps with sweep strokes.

Additional Info


Type: Recreational

Sport: Canoe

Skill Level: Intermediate

Shaft: Straight

Grip: Freestyle Palm Grip

Shaft Material: Solid Basswood

Blade Material: Red Alder, Basswood

Blade Size (in.): 6.75 x 25

Lengths: 54, 57, 60, 63 (in)

Weight (oz): 20

Rockgard: Caramel, Partial

Additional Features: Upgraded look, Longer blade for deeper waters

Weight Variance: Due to the varied density of wood, all canoe paddles could have a +/– 10% variance in weight.

*Paddle weight is based on 54 inch measurements for straight shafts and 50 inch measurements for bent shafts.

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