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The Geopress Water Bottle Is A Water Bottle And Water Filter

Adults and kids now more than ever want to know the water they are drinking is safe and free of anything and everything that could make them sick. From pesticides and herbicides to waterborne viruses and micro plastics, there are many things lurking in tap water, lake water, and drinking fountain water. One of the easiest ways to get rid of water contaminates is by drinking water from a Grayl Geopress water bottle.

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Take A Hike (A Day Hike)


Our incredible state has beautiful beaches and scenic trails from the tip of the upper peninsula to the bottom corners of the mitten! But many of you may want a fresh perspective or some insight into what goes into planning a day hike. While hometown hikes can be fun, nothing beats going on a day trip and experiencing the woods in a place you have never been. So let’s discuss getting out of town for a new adventure!

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Exploring Winter Wonderlands

Some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll find in Michigan can only be found in winter! Here are a few items that are great for getting outdoors when the temperatures are freezing and the snow is piling up.

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Goal Zero — Portable Power

Most of us live life on the go. As a result, the devices we rely on to keep us on task and connected are often running low on power because we are on the run, not sitting next to a wall outlet. Goal Zero is the answer — they offer a wide variety of power stations and charging solutions.

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