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Melker Ulvön

Melker Ulvön

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An innovative kayak designed with rougher waters, currents, tides and surf waves in mind. It is also stable, secure and easily maneuverable in calmer waters. This is the perfect kayak to help improve your paddling skills.

The look and feel of Melker Ulvön breathes influences from the surf culture and lifestyle and is equally impressive decorating a wall in your home as she is swirling through the sea.

Melker Rödlöga benefits from the innovative, natural and sustainable flax fibres from Swiss-based Bcomp.

Lightweight, strong and durable with an attractive design makes Melker Rödlöga the perfect choice. Environmental protection, design and functionality go hand in hand in our product.


High Volume (HV)-
Length: 17' 5"
Width: 21"
Weight: 54 lbs
Cockpit size: 33.9" x 19.7"
Storage (liter): 20l + 75l + 135l
Optimal paddler weight: 165 - 240 lbs


-Flax Fibre based designed
-Playful Characteristics
-Dual-colored deck with visible fibers
-Skeg& Rudder Combination
-Soft Seat


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