Killer Kayak Accessories

Killer Kayak Accessories

For starters, a dry bag is a must have if you have a kayak. “The nice thing about a dry bag is they are inexpensive, last for years, and can protect your valuables from getting wet. You can easily store everything — a phone, money, and keys in a dry bag,” Noah Osborne from Earth’s Edge said.

Not all kayak paddles are created equal. One thing many people think is any old kayak paddle will work. Although that may be the case, some paddles are far better than others. “A paddle is one of those things that you get what you pay for. Carbon paddles are becoming extremely popular because they are lightweight and easy to use. Some paddles, like the Angler Ace from Bending Branches, comes with a slot in the paddle that can be used to get fishing lures unsnagged,” Osborne added.

Another must-have accessory is a paddle holder. What if you want to put your paddle down and take a picture? What if you want to set your paddle down to reel in a fish? An easy to use paddle holder that keeps your paddle snug and secure makes fishing your paddle out of the water a thing of the past. Yak Attack offers the RotoGrip paddle holder that keeps your paddle safe and secure when your paddle is not in use.

If you are into fishing, Yak Attack makes several models of rod holders that can be quickly attached to a kayak.

One of the best times to be on the water is at first light or last light when every other boat has gone in for the evening. When you are on a lake after dark, having a light on your kayak that lets other boats see you is a must. Yak Attack has a cool lighted pole called the VISIPole that can be used after dark. The lighted pole also comes with an orange flag for increased visibility.

Another item that many kayakers don’t think about needing is an anchor. If you are fishing or want to keep your boat in one place for a few minutes while you enjoy the view, a small lightweight anchor can help you stay in one place. There are many different types of anchors on the market. Stop into Earth’s Edge today to check out the latest models.

Don’t forget about a drink holder. A drink holder can be quickly attached to any brand of kayak and makes getting a drink on a summer summer day quick and easy.

A few simple kayak accessories can make kayaking more enjoyable. Stop by Earth’s Edge and check out all of our accessories.

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