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Melker kayaks in Michigan

Meet the Melker brand

Melker is a Swedish-based company that produces sustainable, high quality touring kayaks. Founded in 2015 by Swedish innovator Pelle Stafshede, Melker has quickly become renowned for their sleek and eco-friendly designs. Using advanced composite materials created from flax fiber and plant-based resins, they’ve developed a line of kayaks that offer superior performance without compromising on weight or sustainability.

Their flagship models include the Ulvön and the Rödlöga, which have gained widespread recognition for their stunning designs and exceptional craftsmanship. The unique combination of a rudder and skeg means that users can quickly select the right option for changing water conditions. Melker kayaks are designed with fun in mind, and have a playful character that allows them to maneuver swiftly through the water.

Melker's environmental stewardship and their ethical manufacturing process have made them a stand-out option in sustainable kayaks. With their commitment to quality construction and innovation, it's easy to see why these boats are becoming one of the most sought after options in the touring market today.

Melker Rodloga Boat
Stunning colors on the flagship Rödlöga

Who are Melker kayaks designed for?

Melker kayaks are built with the touring paddler in mind, making them perfect for those who enjoy the solitude and serenity of the open water. The combination of stability and practical features make them ideal for those looking to explore further without sacrificing storage or comfort. Melker boats can handle any open-water challenges thrown their way while providing comfort and stability in calmer conditions.

To elevate their product aesthetics, Melker collaborated with noted Swedish engineer Magnus De Brito to create spectacular patterns and stunning colors palettes. The deck presents visible flax fibers on both the bow and stern, giving these boats a distinct look that stands out on the water.

The combination of rudder and skeg provides increased maneuverability and stability, giving users the option to adapt to changing conditions. For more info on how to use each option, check out this great post from Melker on the subject.

Overall, users will find that Melker boats have a unique versatility that makes them suitable for many different adventures. From casual surf play to long-distance treks, Melker boats are a trustworthy go-to option for plenty of different users.

Melker in their natural habitat
Melker boats in their natural habitat: open-water touring

Why choose flax fibers?

Flax fibers are taken from the stem of the flax plant, and then woven into versatile sheets with many uses like high-quality canvas or sailcloth. For kayaks, the flax fiber sheets provide a lightweight and durable material that also glides well through the water. The sheets are combined with plant-based resins to create a strong composite material that gives these kayaks superior durability year-after-year.

It is estimated that Melker's flax fiber material produces one-third of the carbon emissions associated with traditional fiberglass kayaks. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy paddling while reducing the environmental impact associated with other options. 

Flax Fiber
Melker showing off their flax fibers for Paddling Magazine

Classic Design, Next-Gen Technology

Through large scale additive manufacturing, Melker is able to produce kayaks that are lighter and more robust than traditional fiberglass boats. This technology enables them to develop their products faster, while also reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional methods.

Not only does Melker innovate in their manufacturing process, but they are also working to develop "shared economy" business concepts. This helps reduce waste and encourages sustainable practices while providing an incredible experience for paddlers. You can read more about their business efforts at the link here.

From their unique usage of robotic manufacturing, to developing sound business practices - Melker is inspiring paddlers to reimagine what is possible for sustainable brands.

Robot Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes from Melker

Where to buy Melker kayaks?

Earth's Edge in West Michigan is the Midwest's leading paddle shop, and among the first shops in the US to carry Melker products.

“Our customers trust us to carry the best brands in outdoor, so we’re very excited to partner with Melker of Sweden to carry their beautiful line of kayaks! We believe that their beautiful design, their unique approach to sustainable materials, and their incredible technical details will make them a hit with our customers. We appreciate all of the time and effort Pelle has put into building this partnership and we look forward to working together”, says Karl Tucker, Founder & CEO, Earth’s Edge.

Not to mention, Earth's Edge is conveniently located just miles from downtown Grand Haven, which is the perfect destination for open water kayakers! With a range of historic lighthouses, scenic shoreline, and water-front towns, there is something for everyone to see in this beautiful region of the country.


Melker @ Earth's Edge
Melker boats on display @ Earth's Edge

Stay up-to-date on everything Melker

Melker posts the latest news about their brand to both Facebook and Instagram, so follow them for regular updates about new products, sales, and other exciting events. You can also visit them directly at their website (link here).

To hear Melker founder Pelle Stafshede go over their flagship Rödlöga, check out the video from Paddling Magazine below.

If you have any questions on Melker or Earth's Edge, feel free to reach out to Earth's Edge directly. Thanks for reading, and happy paddling!

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