Patagonia’s Commitment To Recycling

Patagonia’s Commitment To Recycling

Patagonia has made it their top priority to be a leader in environmentally conscious manufacturing. Their main focus: using recycled synthetic and natural materials. Currently 68% of Patagonia’s fabrics are made with recycled materials.

Why Recycle?

Recycling natural materials, like cotton or goose down feathers, cuts down on carbon emissions immensely because the growing process is being skipped. The growing process uses many resources, such as labor, land, and water to create a new material. Recycling synthetic materials keeps us from extracting more petroleum and allows us to reuse what would be waste. By using recycled materials, Patagonia has saved 20,000 tons of CO₂ from being emitted in one year. If the entire clothing industry followed in their footsteps, emissions would be reduced by the equivalent of powering every home in California.

Recycling Synthetic Materials

Patagonia recycles polyester and nylon to be used in many of their garments. These fibers are lightweight while also providing great durability. To repurpose the fibers, recyclable materials are melted down and made into the new garment fabric. Their polyester fabric is made from plastic bottles, old garments, and manufacturing waste. Nylon, like polyester, can be made from plastic bottles and old garments, as well as fishing nets and discarded carpeting. The pictured Torrentshell 3L City Coat is made of 100% recycled nylon and the Atom Sling 8L features both recycled nylon and polyester.

Recycling Natural Materials

Patagonia recycles cotton, down feathers, wool, and cashmere. Their recycled cotton is sourced from scraps in their sewing factories that are shredded to be spun into new yarn. Their recycled down comes from bedding, cushions, and other used items that are unable to be resold. Their recycled wool is sourced from returned garments and like cotton, scraps from sewing factories. Their recycled cashmere comes from European factory scraps and is shredded and spun with virgin wool to create a yarn.

Leading by Example

Patagonia ensures there is no sacrifice in quality when using recycled materials and have engineered their own line of crafted repurposed fabrics. Their commitment to recycling has opened up new doors for innovation and improved how retailers and consumers can reduce waste through recycling. They have proven to be an inspiration for many in the clothing industry and are paving the way for more corporations to lessen their carbon footprint.

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