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TurnKey Track Adapter - 60 Degree Mount

TurnKey Track Adapter - 60 Degree Mount

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Compatible with: Polar Kraft Boats 60 Gunwale with track Smoker Craft Boats with 60 IGTS (Integrated Gunnel Track System) Unlock the potential of your GatorTail, Polar Kraft, or Smoker Craft's built in track system with the 60 TurnKey Track Adapter from YakAttack! You re not alone. When you bought your boat, you were excited about the built-in tracks and the promise of versatility they offered, only to find that there just aren t many compatible accessories out there, and many of the ones that are available are just not what you re looking for. The designers at YakAttack found the same thing, and the TurnKey Track Adapter is the tailor made solution. Simple, robust, and highly effective, the TurnKey Track Adapter s patent pending design con...


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