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Forte Endless Promise Men's Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Forte Endless Promise Men's Synthetic Sleeping Bag

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We took our beloved 3-season synthetic bag for the backcountry and made it 100% recyclable to kick off NEMO's new endlessly usable Endless Promise collection. Designed using just a single material family, Forte is now officially a standout in sustainability as well as comfort and performance.
The bag's Classic Spoon shape continues to be a game changer for side sleepers, offering more room at the knees and shoulders for a less-constricted feel. Its upgraded Thermo Gill design features a new multistage zipper system that dramatically increases the usable temperature range of the bag and allows for fine-tuning of comfort from within. And the suite of recycled fabrics and material ensures an unbelievably blissful night's sleep wherever you ...


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